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Food Chain Partnership
Working Together Toward a Sustainable Food System

The future requires that we develop innovative new solutions — and we can’t do it alone. It takes a wide variety of experts, ideas, and perspectives to shape the future by shaping agriculture, which is why our Food Chain Partnership is such a critical endeavor. 


Collective insight for the common good

As an innovative platform to promote partnerships and address challenges throughout our food system, our Food Chain Partnership brings together farmers, food processors, retailers, traders, and others along the food value chain to work together for sustainable agriculture. 


By sharing collective insights, goals, and resources, everyone contributes in tangible Food Chain Partnership initiatives to improved sustainability, food safety, quality, yields, and transparency.


Making change all over the world

At Bayer, we’re proud to have roughly 70 Food Chain managers working in 44 countries. Combined, these experts focus on 76 different crops to broaden our network and bring its benefits to more people — particularly in helping cultivate new opportunities for smallholder farmers.



Explore some of our recent initiatives around the globe: 


The Brazilian Potato Initiative

Ensuring quality, traceability, and supplier loyalty 



The Brazilian Soybean Initiative

Compliance with international quality standards 



The Brazilian Fruit & Vegetable Initiative

Making traceability work



Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Leatherleaf Project

High-quality and environment-friendly production 

The Costa Rican Vegetable Project

High-quality and environment-friendly production 



Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic Mango Initiative

Increasing in-field productivity and reducing post-harvest losses 




Mayan Vegetables for the World: The Siesa Project in Guatemala

Solutions that generate confidence 


The Guatemalan Vegetable Project

Synergies to deliver healthy fruit 




The Mexican Melon Production Project

Fulfilling buyers’ requirements and strengthening long-term relationships 


The Kenyan Tomato Project

Supporting small-scale farming in Kenya 




The Costa Rican Vegetable Project

Improving quality Increasing yields Meeting consumers’ expectations 


The Chinese Citrus Project

Higher yields and environment-friendly production 


The Chinese Vegetable Project

Cooperating with local authorities – working for high-quality vegetable production 




The Indian Gherkin Initiative

Higher yields produce quality and growers’ profits 


The Indian Rice Project

Strengthening Rice Supply Chain Traceability through Food Chain Partnership 


The Indian Rice Project

Increasing incomes through improved yield and quality 


The Indian Potato Project

Added value for every food chain partner 


The Indian Table Grape Initiative

Collaboration from farm to supermarket – for sustainable agriculture 


The Indian Vegetables Initiative

Jointly supporting the sustainable production of high-quality vegetables 


The Indian Vegetable Project

Bayer CropScience – Aditya Birla Okra Project 




The Israeli Mango Initiative

Tackling the problem of post-harvest disease in mangoes




The Malaysian Chili Project

Cooperating for high-quality chilli production 

The Malaysian Watermelon Project

Building better long-term customer relationships 




The Thailand Mango Project

Producing mangoes to supreme quality standards 


The German Apple Project

Working together for sustainable apple production 




The Greek Table Grape Initiative

Improving export quality and marketability 




OP Nordest and quality fruit sold under the “Gli Orti di Giulietta” brand name

The right Quality to meet market needs 


The Italian Pear Project

Satisfying the demand for safe and healthy fruit 


The Italian Table Grape Project

Three food chain partners cooperating for success 


The Italian Wine Grape Project

MAGIS: Doing MORE for sustainable viticulture 




The Polish Vegetable Initiative

Increasing availability, quality and storability of vegetables 




The Serbian Watermelon Project

Producing watermelons to the highest quality standards 




The Spanish Table Grape Project

Improving Competitiveness and Reliability for Consumers  


The Spanish Peaches and Nectarines Projects

Improving consumer confidence in Spanish peaches and nectarines 




The Turkish Apple Gülbudak Initiative

Managing residue and active ingredient issues


The Turkish Apple Özbay Initiative

Managing residue and active ingredient issues


The Turkish Table Grape Project

The fruits of our labours 



United Kingdom

The UK Potato Project

Cooperating with the whole value chain – an exceptional potato product launch! 


Certifications are key for farmers today but many farmers lack knowledge and skills to successfully market their produce. BayG.A.P. is a service program, which supports farmers worldwide to get certified and connected to the food value chain. 


Learn more about BayG.A.P.