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Youth Ag Summit
Frequently Asked Questions

About the Summit

The Youth Ag Summit is a global forum where young leaders can collaborate to develop sustainable solutions for food security and global agriculture, and work towards becoming global instruments of change. The Summit is organized by Bayer.


The Summit takes place every two years, with previous editions having been held in Canada (2013), Australia (2015), Belgium (2017), and Brazil (2019). The next edition of the Youth Ag Summit will take place in 2021.

The Youth Ag Summit theme is Feeding a Hungry Planet.


The world’s population is expected to reach almost 10 billion by 2050. To feed everyone, we need to produce 50% more food with less land and fewer resources. Cutting-edge farming practices can help, but many people are wary and misinformed when it comes to modern agriculture. We need to bridge the disconnect between those who produce our food and those who consume it.

100 young leaders aged 18-25, who are interested in agriculture, international development, environmental stewardship, food security, biotechnology or farming, will be selected to participate in the Summit. They are expected to come to the table with an appetite to advocate for agriculture, a concrete project idea, and a desire to make a lasting impact on food security. The delegates will be supported throughout the Summit by external mentors and Youth Ag Summit alumni. 

For each edition of the Youth Ag Summit, Bayer partners with local and global youth or agricultural organizations. This offers delegates a wider set of perspectives, as well as ensuring the Summit is relevant and grounded in local know-how.

Our Purpose

  • To build awareness and understanding of the challenges facing modern agriculture and its role in feeding the world sustainably.
  • To grow a global network of youth ambassadors who are empowered to advocate on behalf of agriculture.
  • To provide a platform for young leaders to take action on the UN SDGs, in the context of modern agriculture.



  • “3 Little Things”: Each delegate develops a set of personal objectives which they commit to working towards within their home communities.
  • “YAS Thrive for Change Projects”: Delegates work on an individual project idea related to the SDGs, developing a concrete implementation plan to make it a reality.
  • “Youth-Ag Pledge”: At the end of the Summit, delegates pledge to advocate for modern agriculture and raise awareness of the need to feed a hungry planet in their home communities.
  • To connect and support young leaders who will champion sustainable agriculture and food security.
  • To bridge the understanding gap between those who produce our food and those who consume it.
  • To inspire the next generation to develop their interest – and perhaps pursue careers – in science and agriculture.
  • To promote special education programs locally and to collaborate with global youth groups and research institutes.

The Summit is part of the Bayer Agricultural Education Program: a holistic, long-term approach to encourage young people aged 18 to 25 to learn about sustainable agriculture. The program aims to inspire the next generation to find solutions to global food security.

As a research-driven company, Bayer is committed to driving societal acceptance of technology, as well as fostering a future talent pipeline of scientists. Agricultural education and youth empowerment are key to achieving these ambitions.