Jeff Schell Scholarship for Agricultural Science Winners
Jeff Schell Scholarship for Agricultural Science
The Next Generation of Ag Scientists

There’s no magic recipe for a rich harvest. Reliable yields require modern crop protection, high-yielding seeds and a lot of research. And we know that complex challenges need time, ideas and cooperation. They’re not solved in our backyard but worldwide. That’s why we help young talented scientists to branch out. The new Jeff Schell Scholarship for Agricultural Science supports your agricultural projects abroad. 




Meet the fellows

Anna Zimmermann (23) from Germany and Nikola Mijailovic (25) from Serbia are two of the nine Jeff Schell Scholars of 2014. During a photo shoot at the Bayer CropScience headquarters in Monheim, the two fellows allowed us to look behind the scenes at their studies and their future plans.

Innovate & share knowledge

Do you have an idea that could help provide safe, nutritious food for a growing world population? An innovative solution to improve seed qualities or weed protection? We’d like to help you get a start, whether your idea is related to agronomy, crop protection, green biotechnology, environmental sciences, or agricultural sustainability. Driving innovation begins with sharing knowledge. Let’s create a science network with fresh perspectives. 

  • Young science pioneers get support for an individual compelling project idea in agricultural engineering & plant biotechnology.
  • University students aged 18-28 from German-speaking countries can apply to research abroad. Foreign students are sponsored to follow a creative idea in Germany.
  • Crops need to be more efficient and better protected in the future. Work on your own solution to help provide nutritious and safe food for a growing world population.
  • € 300,000 funds are available for research scholarships in various fields.


Jozef (Jeff) Schell revolutionized plant sciences

With his discovery of the transfer mechanism between bacteria and plants, Belgian molecular biologist Jozef (Jeff) Schell (1935-2003) was a pioneer in plant science. His investigation led to a new method for breeding crops. He studied in Ghent where he also worked as a professor. From 1978 to 2000 Schell was head of the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne. As a pioneer in biotechnology he focused on the interaction between plants and soil bacteria. Schell co-founded the biotech company Plant Genetic Systems in Ghent which became part of Bayer Crop Science in 2002 and is best known for innovation in insect-resistant transgenic plants. The Jeff Schell scholarship will kick-start plans that help secure healthy food supply.



One scholarship, many scopes

You can use the scholarship for special study courses, individual lab assignments, summer schools, research classes, internships, Master’s or PhD theses. Scholarships are granted to students and young professionals (up to two years after graduation) from Germany wishing to realize a study or research project abroad or to foreign students/young professionals pursuing a project in Germany.