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Raising The Bar on Transparency and Engagement

As a leader in agriculture, Bayer has a responsibility to farmers, consumers, and the planet. While we have always held ourselves to a high standard, we aim to further elevate our efforts in transparency.


By enabling public access to our studies, we hope to foster an open dialogue on our products—and how we’re continuing to protect the planet. Our standard is to not only give access to studies about what we do but also to show how they are conducted and how we do it.

Werner Baumann
We are now starting to implement a series of measures to drive transparency and sustainability across our business.
Werner Baumann
CEO of Bayer AG
Why do we believe in transparency?

We believe in doing things responsibly. We set high ethical standards that represent how we measure ourselves and our partners. Through greater efforts in transparency, we can work together to turn the impossibilities of today into the breakthroughs of tomorrow.



What are we disclosing?

We are also disclosing safety-relevant summaries of our active substances and granting non-commercial access to full study reports. All documents have been submitted to and evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Documents which are subject to third-party rights must be exempted to respect these rights.


For example, we have made all 100+ Bayer-owned safety studies available to the public. 


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