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Raising The Bar
On Transparency and Engagement

As a leader in agriculture, Bayer has a responsibility to farmers, consumers, and the planet. While we have always held ourselves to a high standard, we aim to further elevate our efforts in transparency.


By enabling public access to our studies and submission documents, we hope to foster an open dialogue on our products and innovation. Our standard is to not only give access to studies but also to how they are conducted. Through these efforts, we aim to show the scientific rigor that is involved in evaluating the safety of our products. We hope to connect you with our scientific community so that, together, we can break down the barriers to science.

Why do we believe in transparency?

We believe in doing things responsibly. We set high ethical standards that represent how we measure ourselves and our partners. Through greater efforts in transparency, we can work together to turn the impossibilities of today into the breakthroughs of tomorrow. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers or email


What are we disclosing?

We are disclosing safety-relevant summaries of our active substances and granting non-commercial access to full study reports and safety documents. Documents that are subject to third-party rights must be exempted to respect these rights. 


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We believe in the integrity of our science and we want you to see for yourself why that is. Learn more about the process behind our safety studies here.
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