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A Day in the Life of Dutch Farmer Jasper Roubos

Together with his family, sixth-generation farmer Jasper Roubos lives and works at Het Groene Hart, a farm in North Holland.

Jasper Roubos, Farmer Het Groene Hart

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A Day in a Farmer’s Life

Jasper’s Working Day Begins...

...early in the morning. Follow him through a day in the life of a farmer at Het Groene Hart.





A Day in a Farmer’s Life

Het Groene Hart Farm

Het Groene Hart is located in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, 20 km south-west of Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport.

The farm sits five meters below sea level. In this regard, Het Groene Hart isn’t an exception. More than one fourth – 26 percent of the Netherlands is located below sea level.

It rains a lot in the Netherlands. The average annual precipitation is 760 millimeters.

In 1870, Jasper Roubos’ ancestors founded Het Groene Hart. Here, Jasper mainly cultivates potatoes, onions, sugar beet and winter wheat on 50 hectares of his own land, composed of fertile polder dike soil.

A Day in a Farmer’s Life

Careful Attention to the Crops

“To protect the plants, I fight against harmful insects, diseases and weeds. Before I apply crop protection products, I check the level of infestation regularly and decide whether a treatment is really necessary,” says Jasper Roubos. “This way, I can generate the highest possible yield with the best possible quality on each hectare. It is a good thing to run our farm operations safely and responsibly.”

A Day in a Farmer’s Life

Jasper’s Key Crop: Potatoes

An average truck can transport 35 tons of Jasper’s potatoes.

Afterwards, the potatoes are processed into products including French fries.

Globally, the consumption of potatoes – fresh and processed – per capita averages about 34.64 kg per year.

A Day in a Farmer’s Life

In Focus: Producing High Quality Potatoes

“To make a French fry, the perfect potato is large, round and has a good, golden color. The inside of the potato is just as important. When the french fries are baked, they will result in a good color. Finally, the ratio of water to the total mass must be balanced, and the outer potato skin may not be damaged.”

Jasper Roubos, owner of Het Groene Hart

A Day in a Farmer’s Life

Technology Supports Sustainable Farming

By monitoring the development of his crops, Jasper can make optimal decisions.





A Day in a Farmer’s Life

Small Volunteers

Small but immensely important: Bees and insects play a key role in the pollination of many cultivated plants. They contribute to sustainable agriculture.





A Day in a Farmer’s Life

Helpful Pollinators

Preserving bee health, and thereby increasing biodiversity, is one of Het Groene Hart’s priorities. To accomplish this, Jasper installed bee hotels and bee hives, where the bees and pollinators can nest in a protected atmosphere.

270,000 bees live in nine different beehives at Het Groene Hart, which is surrounded by colorful flowering stripes.

In the spring, each of Het Groene Hart’s queen bee lays up to 2,000 eggs a day.

At Het Groene Hart, beekeepers guard against infestation from the Varroa mite, honey bees’ biggest enemy. Chemical treatment, such as organic acids or varroacides, represent one means of fighting this dangerous parasite.

A Day in a Farmer’s Life

The Phytobac System

Jasper explains how he cleans his machines with the biologically based Phytobac system. This device cleans wastewater and prevents residues from draining into sewage systems without endangering the water quality.





A Day in a Farmer’s Life

How the Phytobac System Works

Wash water processed in the Phytobac system is sprinkled over a soil and straw substrate in a waterproof basin (1). The soil and straw substrate biodegrade potential product residues (2), and the clean water evaporates (3). The straw in the Phytobac (4) serves to feed the microorganisms and is re-stocked once a year. Once set up, the soil and straw substrate can be used over many years.





















A Day in a Farmer’s Life

Fostering Sustainable Agriculture

Bayer employee Albert van Kooten speaks about his cooperation with Jasper Roubos.





A Day in a Farmer’s Life

The Elements of ForwardFarming

At Het Groene Hart, Jasper combines the best of modern farming techniques – high-quality seeds, crop protection and precision agriculture practices – with innovations that focus on human and environmental health to ensure that his farm is healthy for humans, crops, and the dozens of local species it is home to.


Healthy, certified seeds are an essential factor for a good harvest.

Crop protection

Combining chemical and biological crop protection products enable the sustainable production of healthy food.

Bayer SeedGrowth™

An integrated program aimed at sustainable seed and planting treatment as well as application technology.

Precision farming

Using the latest innovations to sustainably and efficiently treat crops with targeted doses of crop protection products.

Technological forecasting

Access to precise weather, pest and disease data enables well-informed decisions about the application of crop protection.

Bee Health

Promoting bee health through pest control, enhancing biodiversity, and the careful use of crop protection products. Insect hotels offer nesting and shelter to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects to a farm.


A closed transfer system that protects the user and the environment from unnecessary exposure when filling the sprayer with crop protection products.


This device cleans wastewater and prevents residues from draining into sewage systems without endangering water quality.

A Day in a Farmer’s Life

‘Wine o’clock’ at Het Groene Hart

Jasper and his wife Eveline enjoy reviewing the day.






Raising Sustainability

Bayer ForwardFarms are examples of how sustainable agriculture is practiced. These ForwardFarms demonstrate that agricultural success can coexist with a sense of responsibility for the environment and society.

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