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Safety Results: Crop Protection Products

Here you will find study summaries concerning the human and environmental safety of many of our active substances that have been evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). You will also have on-demand, non-commercial access to the full safety study reports behind these summaries. This list is updated on a rolling basis to allow for access to safety-related information while new materials are prepared for release. We will continuously add information, including studies from around the world.



Terms and Conditions

The download of study summaries is subject to our Terms and Conditions for Access to Crop Protection Active Substances, Crop Protection Products and GM seeds and traits Study Documents. Any use of Study Documents or their content for regulatory or any other commercial purpose is prohibited. Distribution, reproduction and/or publication can be subject to consent.


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Note: This website does not constitute a specific product advertisement, but only provides general comments and information to better understand the background of the study information offered on this website. As a result, the products which are mentioned are not registered in every country. National label instructions have to be read and followed. Use plant protection products safely. For further product information visit: