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Water roll up - harborview
United States
Harborview Farms

Harborview Farms, a 4th generation family operation, produces high-quality grains in a responsible and sustainable manner. Farmer Trey Hill and his team are committed to keeping the farm’s ecologically sensitive surroundings healthy and strong. They closely monitor all crop inputs and work in collaboration with Bayer and various environmental organizations to maintain an open dialogue and collaborate around conservation efforts. Innovative technologies and sustainable farming methods, including no-till crop production, the use of cover crops, and solar power, are critical to the farm’s mission of practicing and promoting sustainability in agriculture. A solar site powers all of the on-farm facilities, including an irrigation pivot and the entire grain system, reducing the farm’s dependence on non-renewable fuels. 

  • Location: Rock Hall, Maryland, USA (near Washington, D.C.) 
  • History: Harborview Farms is a 4th generation family farm that has been in operation since the early 1900s. 
  • Crops: Corn, Soy & Wheat 
  • Soil: Sandy Loam and Silt Loam deposited on the Coastal Plain 
  • Collaborations: Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Soil Health Partnership/NCGA, University of Maryland, USDA–ARS, NRCS, DNR, MDA