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Hof ten Bosch
Hof ten Bosch

High-quality potatoes grown for the crisps industry are the main crop cultivated at Hof ten Bosch. The Peeters family also grows wheat, corn, sugar beet, oilseed rape, and pears. The farm, located in Huldenberg in the countryside near Brussels, has been managed by the family since 1890. Quality requirements for the processing industry are high and therefore the Peeters brothers keep a close eye on many factors such as soil fertility, water management, and quality seed selection. A weather station sends out warning signals if weather conditions imply an increased risk for disease. As a result, they do not miss upcoming threats and spray against infectious agents only when truly necessary. On the other hand, the brothers try to provide as much natural habitat as possible for insects and wildlife. 

  • Location: Huldenberg, near Brussels, Belgium
  • History: Farmed by the Peeters family since 1890, owned by Jan and Josse Peeters since 1980
  • Crops: Potatoes, wheat, sugar beet, corn, rapeseed and pears
  • Soil: 100 hectares of own land +40 hectares leased. Hilly area with a well-drained and fertile sandy loam soil
  • Partners: Collaborations with both public institutions (University of Ghent, Vogelbescherming Vlaanderen) and private companies (PepsiCo, Beutech)
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