Asian woman with child in a rice field
Seeds & Traits
Enabling Farmers
to Grow Enough with Less


Every field, crop, and farmer is different; each with their own needs, challenges, and goals. That’s why we offer farmers tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of their farms. When it comes to seeds this means starting at the very beginning — with DNA. A plant’s genetic code provides many clues to how it will survive in a world of unpredictable environments like storms, drought, disease, and insects.


Together, with the power of human ingenuity, we can create true value for farmers, consumers and our planet.


Through digital tools and new innovations, we’re taking plant breeding one step further, studying seeds and traits before plants even begin to grow. When we understand the genetics of a seed, we can better understand the environments and resources most suited to the varieties of that seed. This genetic information — when combined with advancements in seed technology — allows us to develop new crops faster and with more confidence than ever before.

GMO and Biotechnology
Improving Traits to Strengthen Farmer Productivity
Innovations in biotechnology are helping scientists make more targeted improvements within plant DNA based on knowledge gleaned from nature, enabling farmers to grow more efficiently.