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We have a vital role and responsibility to safeguard and strive to advance the health, hygiene and safety of people all over the world, sustainably. Through innovation and technologies, the Environmental Science unit at Bayer fosters healthy environments where we live, work and play.



Advancing health, hygiene and safety

Together with our customers, we are working to protect against and ultimately eradicate debilitating and life-threatening diseases. Globally, we help to ensure the safety of food, buildings, transport, and infrastructure. We protect public health and hygiene and preserve forests and biodiversity. Our solutions also contribute to enhancing people’s wellbeing by maintaining green spaces. In a fast-evolving world, we are constantly exploring new ways to deliver better, more sustainable solutions to benefit our customers, consumers, and our planet.



Vector control

Half of our world’s population is at risk for malaria. Farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and India are especially vulnerable to this life-threatening disease, which could become even more widespread due to insecticide resistance.


Bayer has been involved in the development and supply of effective vector control tools for more than 60 years and we continue to invest significantly in the research for innovative solutions to address resistance and other challenges in disease transmission. In the effort to eradicate malaria by 2040, we’ve partnered with other leading companies and organizations to develop innovative solutions to vector-borne diseases.  Together, we are working tirelessly to help stamp out malaria and keep communities healthy. 



Industrial vegetation management

We develop efficient and sustainable solutions that help control invasive weeds – from rail tracks to public spaces to industrial areas. In rail traffic, invasive vegetation puts passenger safety at risk and causes costly delays. Uncontrolled vegetation can lead to severe safety issues like fire outbreaks, and public health and biodiversity issues.




As the global demand for timber is expected to quadruple by 2050, we are working to meet the demand in a sustainable way. We collaborate and partner to develop efficient and sustainably managed forest plantations to maximize production and provide renewable access to a secure pulp and wood source. With tailored solutions to manage non-native or invasive vegetation, environmental scientists can ensure entire forests thrive. 

Professional pest management

Every year, 30 million adults and children worldwide suffer from asthma due to the exposure to pests. In addition, the amount of food destroyed by rodents every year is estimated to be enough to feed over 200 million people. Through our integrated pest-management solutions, together with pest controllers, we help protect public health, foster a healthy environment and ensure food safety everywhere. 



Turf and ornamentals

To support a healthy lifestyle, we develop solutions to help protect and care for healthy turf, lawns, and ornamental plants. Green spaces represent a fundamental component of an urban ecosystem, such as parks, sports fields, and golf courses. We create solutions and services which help optimize inputs including water, labor, resources and energy consumption, and bring this vision to life through the superior quality of our solutions and expertise in plant science.