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Working Remotely
on the Farm
How will agriculture keep the world fed in 2020 and beyond? For many farmers, the answer is automatic. The technology keeping farms productive this year is the same technology that has the power to make agriculture more sustainable for decades to come.
working remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down nearly every border worldwide, which means many of the seasonal farmworkers who travel to plant and harvest much of the world’s crops are stuck in place. This is just one obstacle facing our food system this season, but its effects could be mitigated. To overcome this challenge, farmers are relying on one of agriculture’s most trusted resources—human ingenuity.


From planting to harvest, farmers are further investing in tools like automation, digital platforms, and other precision agriculture methods to keep food production moving. 


From Planting to Harvest and Beyond

Agricultural innovations make our food system more sustainable. They limit our use of land, water, energy, pesticides, time, and labor. Computation limits the guesswork. Automation limits the inefficiency. And these growing technologies create different types of jobs in agriculture.


Now is the time to invest seriously in solutions that will not only help us survive this crisis, but create a more sustainable food system in the process. If we’re going to meet the demands of a growing global population we need big, new ideas. 


When it comes to the next generation of agriculture technology, will 2020 offer a reset, or a total reevaluation?