Women in Science – Rachel Rama

A 21st Century Scientist

A mother, a fashionista, a scientist, a team player, and a leader – Rachel Rama shares her perspective on what it’s like to be a woman in science at Bayer.

It’s never boring. For me, science is a very interesting mix of curiosity, creativity and uncertainty. It gives you a long perspective as scientific discoveries will never end. You learn from the past to create the future. I’m particularly interested by the Life Sciences. You understand the mechanisms of life and explore them to create something better. I also enjoy that you definitively need the knowledge of others to be successful. Cooperation is not an option in science.

17 years ago, I joined the R&D organization at Bayer to develop new technologies based on my expertise in microbiology. My career at Bayer has included wonderful encounters with people who put their trust in me. However, I must admit that at times I had doubts about my ability to properly achieve what was expected from me. Without the help and support of my team, I would not be the leader I am today. So now I try to do the same for others. I have a passion for people who give me a lot of energy. As a leader, it’s my role to create a working environment where people can feel safe and can take risks to become the best version of themselves. It’s important for me to develop people based on their strengths. I want them to feel special. All of us have something to bring to the company. 

Rachel Rama

I am a microbiologist and have been a part of the Bayer R&D team for 17 years.

Rachel Rama, Head of Disease Control Research

I love working with diverse people who bring interesting perspectives. It’s so enriching and it generates more fun. I have dyslexia which makes me feel different sometimes. This reading and spelling disorder was a real challenge during my time in school. I finally realized that it is a chance instead of a disadvantage. I learned to work hard, never give up, be flexible and stay positive. It often pushed me out of my comfort zone which was good preparation for my professional life.

I’m a happy mother of two boys, Tom (10 years old) & Léo (14 years old). They are full of energy and keep me and my husband busy. This may sound like a cliché but my family is essential to keeping the right balance in my life. The time we spend together is a real pause for me. I can reflect and put things in perspective. At least once a year, I love creating a special family moment to build memories that we can share again and again till the next one.

What else? I’m a shopping addict and love fashion. I spend my spare time looking at new fashions in magazines, on the internet and in shops so I can be up to date on the new trends, colors… I’m particularly addicted to shoes with high heels. I have plenty of them. It’s a real science to match (or not) your shoes with what you wear!

Often people ask me how can you do all? I’m not a super woman. I’m just a woman living in the 21st century. I use a lot of the modern technologies and the new services available. But my secret is very efficient organization for everything which can be anticipated and planned. This way, I free up time for the rest of my life and can embrace the unexpected. 

I enjoy being a woman in science at Bayer!

Rachel Rama

I believe in leveraging unique talents to foster energetic, collaborative and dynamic working environments. 

Rachel Rama
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