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A Shortcut from the Field to the Cup

The passion of Brazilian coffee farmers has found its direct way to consumers. Through a new digital platform, Bayer connects producers and buyers, revealing the incredible journey behind a cup of coffee.

The history of coffee is much older than we can imagine. The grain began to be cultivated and consumed by the Arabs during the 10th century. In the 17th century, it became the favorite drink of Christians, when this middle-east tradition spread throughout the west.

Today, data from the International Coffee Organization indicates that world coffee consumption exceeds 150 million bags of 60 kilos each per year. Brazil is the main coffee producer and exporter, and the second largest consumer in the world, behind United States, with 81 liters per inhabitant per year!

Consumers are increasingly demanding, they want coffees with unique flavors and are keen to learn about the grain’s origin. They are also becoming more knowledgeable. This has encouraged national farmers to invest even more in the quality of their production. But, how can the information gap between the two ends of the chain – producers and consumers – be closed? Moreover, how can the consumption of differentiated coffees be facilitated and information about the history of both the production and the farm shared, thus fostering more transparency in the value chain? Well, Bayer had an idea!

Ivan Moreno
Ivan Moreno
Ivan Moreno,
Go-to-market Director, Bayer Crop Science – Brazil

The company has created a new digital platform called “Made in Farm,” which connects coffee farmers from all over the country and the owners of coffee shops (food services) in the city of São Paulo, the largest consumer center of the beverage in Brazil.

The initiative puts in touch producers and buyers in an environment where they can have autonomy to negotiate through a simple and safe process. The project is under the umbrella of the AgroServices Network, which was created two years ago by Bayer as a collaborative platform for the exchange of information among different agribusiness players to help develop solutions for the sector in Brazil.

On the producer side, “Made in Farm” contributes to giving more visibility to the farmer, many of whom have their own brands. By eliminating intermediaries the possibility of greater gains are opened, including access to new markets, such as restaurants and bars. On the food services side, it provides access to high quality grain and traceability in a safe manner and a continuous flow. The initiative is an example of sharing economy, where costs are distributed among producers and the offer is expanded.

Thanks to “Made in Farm,” coffee consumers in Brazil can now find out the stories behind each cup of coffee they drink, such as the journey of Hilda Lana da Cruz and her brother José Lana Raposo, owners of Sílvia Amélia farm in the state of Minas Gerais. The family started growing coffee in 1983 due to the excellent and favorable conditions in the city of Serra do Salitre where their farm is located. Today, they own 237 hectares, of which 142 hectares are exclusively dedicated to 100% Arabica production planted at altitudes ranging from 980 to 1,240 meters above sea level. The family brand "Offerenda" is an excellent quality product enjoyed by many coffee lovers.

To participate in the initiative, the producer simply registers for free on the “Made in Farm” platform and indicates the price of the product he offers. The farmer receives support in logistics, customer service and promotional activities from Bayer sales team. The initiative self-supports through the contribution of a percentage of the coffee sales which covers transport and administration costs of the platform. Buyers find different choices such as toasted, ground coffee or capsule, gourmet quality or superior. So, let’s share a cup of coffee and find out its journey to our table?

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Eduardo Lana da Cruz
November 09, 2017 - 12:57 AM

Fantástico projeto da BAYER. Liga as duas pontas da cadeia produtiva, e ainda realça a verdadeira importância dos produtores rurais na vida das pessoas. Parabéns a BAYER.

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Fernando Lana
November 07, 2017 - 11:20 AM

Excellent Idea!
It's not because it's my family, the coffe is REALLY GOOD!

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