Ray Shillito

2016 AACC International Annual Meeting
The Future of Food – Sustainability and Safety Symposium

Modern agriculture is required to produce more and better food in a sustainable way. Recent advancements in plant breeding promise to offer the ability to improve the agronomic characteristics of crops and have the potential to change the composition of oils, starches, and other components of grains. As new technologies enter the marketplace, they pose new challenges and opportunities for those delivering food, feed and fiber to the consumer.

On October 26, in Savannah, Georgia USA, the Association of Cereal Chemists International (AACCI) is hosting a day-long symposium in conjunction with their 2016 annual meeting. Bayer is a major sponsor of this Symposium.

AACCI is working with food industry technical members to build a better understanding and a fuller discussion between grains-based food industry leaders and life science company strategic leaders. The symposium continues a series of dialogues that have discussed how methods such as accelerated breeding and transgenics have been used and will be developed in the future for improvement of grains and oil seeds. It will review the safety of these technologies, their contribution to food sustainability in the food supply, how far we have come and opportunities both achieved and lost.

We will discuss how food processors and manufacturers manage authentication in the food supply chain and how future potential new applications may affect the food chain. The symposium will close with a discussion of communication around these products, a panel discussion and a social gathering with an opportunity to network.

Representing Bayer is David Hollinrake, Vice President of Marketing, who will give a presentation on Agvocacy for using modern agriculture to meet the world’s food challenges.

Ray Shillito
Ray Shillito
Ray Shillito,
Research Fellow,
Bayer Crop Science
Agricultural Biotechnology

We are also excited to announce that Nina Fedoroff will be the keynote speaker of the symposium. Nina is a member of the United States National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the European Academy of Sciences, and the American Academy of Microbiology. She is also the recipient of the National Medal of Science. She was Science and Technology Adviser to several U.S. presidential administrations. Nina will address challenges for food production and the potential for the modern plant breeding methods to contribute.

You can find out more about the symposium and view the full program here, and learn more about the AACCI organization.

Also check out this link to get additional information about the 2016 Agvocacy Forum.

2016 AACC International Annual Meeting Banner. The Future of Food – Sustainability and Safety Symposium
2016 AACC International Annual Meeting Banner. The Future of Food – Sustainability and Safety Symposium
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