Klaus Kirsch and Vinay Sharma

Bayer Committed to Sustainable Agriculture Development in China

Bayer joins forces with the China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) to elevate sustainable agriculture and stewardship practices in China.

In the spirit of promoting sustainable agriculture, on 24 November, Bayer and the China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) announced a joint commitment to educate and motivate more Chinese farmers to adopt sustainable agriculture and crop protection practices. The signing of this stewardship agreement between Bayer and CCPIA is the first of its kind and took place during the 32nd China Plant Protection Information Exchange & Pesticide Sprayer Facility Fair, a top industry trade fair in the region. Sun Shubao, President of the CCPIA, expressed appreciation for companies like Bayer taking proactive action in China and globally to improve stewardship implementation.

Our sustainability work in China is not new. Since 2010, Bayer has engaged with Chinese farmers through its stewardship initiatives such as the ‘Stewardship Is My Responsibility’, the ‘Bayer Safe Farming Ambassador’ and the ‘Safe Use Campaign’ programs. Under the leadership of our colleague Xingyou Sun, we’re taking active steps to train the industry and farmers so that these sustainable practices reach the hundreds of millions of small holder farmers in China. So far, we have reached nearly a quarter million farmers and distributed over 100,000 pairs of disposable gloves, protective clothing and masks through more than 20,000 interactions. At present, Bayer directly trains more than 30,000 farmers a year on responsible and sustainable agriculture practices. Training is crucial not only to promote safety but also to help farmers conform with the Chinese Government’s goal of reducing the growth in pesticide usage. Training on the necessary effective dosage and when to use crop protection products will result in fewer pesticides deployed while maintaining high yields. Essentially, benefits all around—for farmers, the environment and society.

Klaus Kirsch
Klaus Kirsch
Dr. Klaus Kirsch,
Senior Sustainable Agriculture Manager / Global Manager Bayer Forward Farming at Bayer Crop Science.

Bayer’s leadership in sustainability and stewardship practices globally set the example for the Chinese Crop Protection Industry

We’re heartened to see that the global awareness of the importance of sustainable agriculture is growing. Nevertheless, a continued focus on innovating and educating the world about this topic is necessary to enable the millions of farm operations globally to both feed the world and protect the environment.

To help meet this challenge, Bayer seeks to promote socially and environmentally responsible agricultural practices that also contribute to the economic success of farmers and the communities they serve. This means delivering quality integrated crop solutions and programs that protect the environment and promote safety to those that use our products. These efforts bring value that enhances quality of life—both for farmers and our communities.

Vinay Sharma
Vinay Sharma
Dr. Vinay Sharma,
Sustainability and Business Stewardship APAC

In China, like elsewhere in the world, Bayer is committed to supporting sustainable agriculture by providing the innovative solutions farmers need, while at the same time adhering to the global principles of sustainable development and responsible stewardship. In fact, our efforts are in agreeance with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to achieve food security and promote sustainable agriculture as well as the Chinese government’s plan aimed at curbing pesticide use growth by 2020. The alignment of our strategy with international and national institutions enables us to take big steps toward lasting progress. For instance, even before China’s “pesticide zero growth” policy was introduced, Bayer’s Velum product line already helps meet the policy’s goals of reducing pesticide usage while improving crop protection. Examples such as this reassure us that Bayer is both a thought and market leader in our industry.

The challenge of promoting sustainable agriculture must be undertaken together; not by one government institution, company, or industry. If we continue practicing proactive stewardship and fostering meaningful partnerships, it is our hope that together, we can make great strides in the years to come.

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