Günther Eberz

In Dialog with Young Scientists

I would like to thank the students for the stimulating and friendly conversation. For me it was a valuable opportunity to learn more about their opinions and ideas. In addition, I felt honored to talk about my experiences in my professional life as a scientist with more than twelve years of research engagement at Bayer.

During this time I have experienced the passionate enthusiasm with which my colleagues engage in research projects. Somehow, our corporate mission meets exactly what colleagues from the research feel, and I believe that there is a sense of pride in working for a company like Bayer. I have also witnessed the step by step and multidisciplinary evaluation of research projects on their way to becoming, hopefully, a valuable product for farmers and a contribution to a sustainable food chain.

I was also happy to share my experiences gained in subsequent years at Bayer´s departments for stakeholder dialogue where I was fascinated to see that the process of transforming the fruits of creativity into products for the market is as complex as the societal consultation process for evaluating these innovations.

Following these thoughts we compared those evaluation processes with the one we use to make decisions in daily life. During a lively and inspiring brainstorming session we identified common characteristics such as knowledge, experience, competence, responsibility, passion, a sense of proportion, and a view of the big picture.

Overall, I´m deeply convinced that science will continue playing a crucial role in society when, for example, it comes to finding solutions to great societal challenges, and that the social dialogue will be of growing importance for science.

Günther Eberz
Günther Eberz
Günther Eberz,
Agricultural Policy & Stakeholder Affairs
In a poster session the students presented to Bayer employees in R&D on what they are currently working in their dissertation.
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