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Trait Research collaboration with CIMMYT

Bayer Trait Research has joined the Center for International Maize and Wheat Improvement (CIMMYT) in a public private partnership on wheat research. CIMMYT, an internationally funded, not-for-profit organization, conducts research and training related to the development of improved varieties of wheat and maize and introduces improved agricultural practices to farmers. CIMMYT is also well known for developing the dwarf wheat varieties that doubled wheat yields in many countries also known as the Green Revolution.

Bayer and CIMMYT will evaluate together methodologies for assessing spike photosynthesis in wheat and its contribution to grain filling - so far an overlooked aspect of yield formation in wheat. Methods comprise high throughput screens in the field as well as detailed characterizations of spike photosynthesis in diverse material. At field locations of CIMMYT and Bayer, researchers will evaluate further the methodologies developed by CIMMYT and use them as novel tools to identify new targets for wheat breeding.

For this partnership, which will be part of the Crop Efficiency Canopy program led by Bart den Boer, one post-doc was hired to perform intensive field phenotyping work on the Bayer HyperCare farm in Milly-la-Forêt (France) and in Obregon (Mexico) for the next two years under the supervision of Gemma Molero from CIMMYT and Alexander Gallé, Trait Research Scientist at Bayer responsible for third party collaboration projects.

“Wheat is a very important crop for our strategy going forward. It is therefore an important step for Bayer to start research collaboration with one of the leading institutions for wheat research & breeding,” said Marc Bots, Head of Crop Efficiency, Trait Research for Bayer “We hope that this partnership is the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration between Bayer and CIMMYT.”

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