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Great partnerships yield great innovations. If you really want to benefit from a partnership, however, you need to bring expertise to the table. For us at Bayer SeedGrowth® this means that we need to provide innovation in products and processes from which our partners can benefit. That’s why we’re the partner of choice when it comes to seed treatment, and have been for many years.

Seed treatment is an important tool which is accepted worldwide for sustainable agriculture. And expertise in seed treatment provides advantages to growers and seed treaters alike. Growers want to benefit from growth in yield and quality, while seed companies want to enhance their seed and value. What we do is give seed companies the opportunity to add extra performance to the seed so that they have a better value proposition for the growers, and that creates the growth we want to achieve – which is the reason we’re called SeedGrowth! Growth stands not only for high yields, crop efficiency, and crop enhancement, but also for sustainable business growth.

One of the many partners with whom we’ve grown sustainably over the years is Pasture Genetics, an Australian-based wholesale seed company. It’s a family-run business that’s big in the Australian market and exports to the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Back in 2007, their father-and-son management team, Rob and Tom Damin, were on the lookout for an experienced global partner to stay ahead of the game in seed treatment. “We needed a partner as committed to R&D as we are,” Rob Damin said. They found just such a partner in Bayer. At Bayer SeedGrowth, we have a leading position in seed treatment, combining a unique portfolio with in-depth understanding of market needs, based on our four areas of competence: products, coatings, equipment, and services.

Martin Gruss
Martin Gruss
Martin Gruss,
Global Head SeedGrowth at Bayer Division Crop Science

Furthermore, we invest heavily in R&D, an area where Pasture Genetics has been very active since 1999, when they established their R&D division. Through working together, we’ve been able to push boundaries in seed treatment. To put it another way, we’re passionate about innovations – and the same applies to Pasture Genetics.

The basis for a successful partnership is a long-term win-win situation for both sides.
The basis for a successful partnership is a long-term win-win situation for both sides.
The basis for a successful partnership is a long-term win-win situation for both sides.

At Bayer SeedGrowth, we cultivate partnerships along the entire seed treatment value chain – with seed companies, seed treaters, service providers, and sometimes even with competitors. In the past, our collaboration with seed companies, for example, successfully created new market segments. Take the launch of Gaucho as a sugar beet seed treatment. It truly changed the kind of yield and value that sugar beets could deliver. Above all, it increased efficiency, because foliar sprays were no longer necessary – an absolute novelty at that time.

Our groundbreaking achievements and innovations in seed treatment have been changing the world of farming for over 100 years. Nowadays we’re just as committed to building on the success of our long-term partnerships and establishing new ones – always with a long-term perspective. After all, consistency has been one of our key characteristics and will continue to be one of our core values. That’s why, as in past years, we’re the main sponsor of the 2018 ISF World Seed Congress – and, as always, we’re going to be on site in Brisbane, Australia to exchange knowledge with all stakeholders of the seed treatment sector.

In my view, the basis for a successful partnership is a long-term win-win situation for both sides. With our comprehensive expertise and experience in seed-applied technology, we have a lot to offer our partners. But it’s never a one-way street, as the example of Pasture Genetics shows. I know Rob and Tom would agree that we’ve all profited a lot from our 11-year partnership.

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Geoffrey Chepkwony
June 14, 2018 - 03:57 PM

The seed growth portfolio has revolutionised farming in Kenya. As the lead in Bayer East Africa the potential is huge.

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