Bringing Talents Together:  CoLaborator

Bayer CoLaborator officially opened on March 22, 2018, in West Sacramento, California. Ag innovation enthusiasts from many different areas including: universities, government, venture capital, media, and science are coming together to collaborate and share.

The CoLaborator elevates innovation and attracts start-ups. They can use Bayer West Sacramento R&D facilities as their space and take advantage of resources that will enable them to grow. The initiative brings lots of energy and collaborating opportunities for great talents. CoLaborator comes in many different forms and shapes such as…

AgStart, a non-profit that supports food and ag technology start-ups. They are able to facilitate connections among ag tech companies to help them grow and succeed. Check our interview with John Selep, president of AgStart, to learn more.

Adrian Ferrero, CEO of Biome Makers, discussed with us their work in agriculture which focuses on microbial biodiversity. As he puts it they are working “where life begins” and we are pleased to share our space with them.

Located near to UC Davis, we are working closely in a number of areas, looking at ways in which we can deliver benefits to farmers. Dushyant Pathak, Executive Director of Venture Catalyst at UC Davis, is helping to actively connect research with opportunities.

Cynthia Carrillo, Regional Director of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, shares how the city as a whole is going to benefit from the opportunities the CoLaborator brings. “We’re very interested in building an agriculture-innovation hub in the community”.

As Adrian Percy said our “commitment to internal research is critical to our long-term success, we also know that our collective knowledge is more powerful than that of any single entity. The opening of the CoLaborator in West Sacramento will provide a home for biotech startups in the heart of Northern California’s ag innovation corridor.”

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