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What Makes a Good Package?

Have you ever held a Bayer agrochemical bottle in your hands and wondered: “How did the company develop this packaging?” The answer to the question involves many facets, since there are so many aspects to take into consideration. There are six key factors Bayer focuses on:

1. Customer expectations: For us the primary and mandatory element to initiate any packaging development is making sure it is user friendly and designed with our customers in mind. When we developed “Smartline” bottles and canisters, with its five key “easy features,” we first listened to what the customers wanted. Their first requirement: easy to handle. With the improved grip of the caps, they are easy to open, even with gloves. We also designed a rigid handle for canisters, which not only make it easier for farmers to shake the product but also takes into consideration an ergonomic aspect (comfortable grip). Secondly, the ability to see the chemical level inside, which is possible due to the translucent material we use. Moreover, we developed an upside-down scale allowing farmers to easily determine how much product they used. Thirdly, make it easy to identify. The Bayer logo is embossed on the packaging making it easy to recognize. Additionally, we developed “CapSeal” security sticker with a sophisticated hologram and a QR-code for anti-counterfeiting. Fourth: has to be easy to use. Both the bottle and the canister feature a wide mouth which allow easy and glug-free pouring. Furthermore, the container shape is designed for efficient rinsing and draining, they are easy to clean. Finally, customers want us to care for the environment. We only use as much packaging material as it is required to ensure the high quality of our products, and their safe transport and use. Time is money, by listening and addressing customers’ needs and incorporating these design features we facilitate the work of the farmers - they are able to treat their crops fast and conveniently.

Tu Le Minh, Global Packaging Technology
Tu Le Minh, Global Packaging Technology
Tu Le Minh,
Global Packaging Technology
Technical key features of smartline
Technical key features of smartline

2. Experts: Bayer involves specialists from all over the world in the development of packaging. They have expertise in many areas such as innovation, legislation, design, quality, operation… In every new packaging development, they bring their knowledge to ensure aspects such as safety, effectiveness, legal requirements, cost and so on are taken into account.

3. Technology: The foundation of all our packaging developments is technology. Not only do we use state-of-the-art packaging technologies, Bayer also collaborates with a several innovative suppliers around the world at the inception of a development project to come up with different options and choose the best alternative. This is no easy task since we need to balance innovation with portfolio optimization and complexity reduction.

4. Design: The package design adds value to the products, it helps communicate characteristics about the product (e.g., quality, innovation) and information in effective and meaningful way. The design also helps us to differentiate from the others. At Bayer, we follow certain design guidelines around the use of the brand logo, colors, imagery … to increase brand awareness and make are products familiar. The goal is to make sure customers can recognize a Bayer product anywhere.

5. Regulation: We comply with relevant legal requirements and regulations. They guide all our packaging development. We always strive to exceed the existing requirements and make sure we meet local guidelines. At Bayer, compliance is non-negotiable.

6. Testing: Before the package goes into commercial production and is sold in the many markets where we are present, it must undergo very rigorous testing to demonstrate it meets all physical demands - chemical requirements, compatibility between packaging material and the content. These tests are performed at Bayer laboratories and by third party laboratories which are authorized to conduct testing for dangerous packaging goods. All these tests are intended to ensure the safety of the people that interact with the package along its life-cycle; whether it is filling, transportation, storage or usage. Bayer places particular focus on testing because we care about the safety of everyone - the factory worker, the transport operator, those who handle the product to apply it in the field… Additionally, some of these tests help ensure the product quality can be guaranteed until the expiration date as well as tries to prevent counterfeiting activities.

Every new package we launch in the market is a result of the ingenuity and enthusiastic work of Bayer employees around the world and expert in the packaging industry. Together we try to provide our customers the best product of which packaging integrity is a key component. Developing the right package for every product requires science; doing it in a way that is safe for the environment and the people contributes our willingness to improve people’s lives. That is our purpose.

Six factors of packaging development
Six factors of packaging development
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March 27, 2018 - 03:15 PM

Wow, I was suprise with this infomation, too much time and factors for developing a packaging in Bayer. And now I know why the company is a leading company in the agrochemical industry. (5 stars !)

Keep moving forward.

Thanks Bayer.

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