11 November 2020 | 9:30 AM CST | 3:30 PM CEST | Regional Panel Event

Promoting Plant Breeding Innovation: Farmers and Scientists Building the Future of Agriculture Together

The historic "Camici e Trattori” (Lab coats and Tractors) agreement—signed between the largest Italian and European farmers association and an outstanding academic body—brings together the country’s leading university professors on plant genetics. This agreement enables farmers to be better informed about Plant Breeding Innovation (PBI) and its field applications, making access to these technologies more accessible and user friendly.


Through PBI, Italian farmers can help preserve natural resources and biodiversity, ensuring the availability of a broader range of fruits, vegetables and commodities. The result? Progress and prosperity for the country’s agriculture. 


Join Bayer for a presentation of the groundbreaking agreement signed by Coldiretti—an agreement representing over one million farmers, as well as 300 scientists from the Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics (SIGA).







Ettore Prandini

Ettore Prandini was elected National President Coldiretti in November 2018 after many years of working on syndicate level in the Lombardy region of Italy. Prandini serves currently as the Vice President of the Italian Breeders Association (A.I.A.) and President of the Italian Experimental Institute "L. Spallanzani.” He holds a degree in Law and runs both a dairy cattle farm and a winery.


Giovanni Carrada

Giovanni Carrada is a leading expert in scientific communication and innovation working for companies, institutions, research institutes and foundations. Carrada is an author for the popular science television program Superquark (Rai 1, Italian national broadcast), and the scientist responsible for RAI Expo 2015. Carrada has a degree in Biological Sciences from “La Sapienza” University of Rome.


Marc Aupetitgendre

Marc Aupetitgendre has been the Country Division Head for Italy and Greece since 2019. He has spent over 20 years in the Agriculture industry, most of it with Bayer Crop Science. Through various roles, Marc has acquired extensive knowledge of marketing and sales, as well as strategy and portfolio management at the global level. He holds a degree of agricultural engineering from the University of Lyon in France. 


Mario Enrico Pè

Mario Enrico Pè is a professor of Agricultural Genetics at Sant' Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, where he also serves as the Dean of the Academic Class of Experimental and Applied Sciences. He is currently president of SIGA, which has over 300 members and associates from the public and private sector. His team has been working on the characterization of the genetic basis of complex traits and has intense collaborative research activities with universities and public institutions in Asia and Africa. 


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