Committed to Growers

American farmers have long been respected and admired, but never more than now.


Faced with headwinds and pressures never felt before—from a global pandemic to extremes in weather and trade—the men and women who grow our food, fiber, and fuel once again got to work and put another season’s crop in the ground.


Our hats are off to American farmers—wherever they live and whatever they raise. They deserve our deepest respect for the difficult job they do every year, and especially for the incredibly difficult job they’re doing keeping the world fed, clothed, and powered in these unprecedented times. At Bayer, our mission is grounded in the belief that paired with the spirit, ingenuity, and tenacity of American farmers, science and innovation are vital to meeting the world’s challenges. Now more than ever, our focus remains on providing both to American farmers for their operations. We are committed to providing the innovative seeds, crop protection, and services they need to keep doing their jobs. To that end, we remain committed to the safety, access, and availability of our Roundup™ and XtendiMax™ products.

As our world confronts a global pandemic and other challenges, science simply must prevail. Now more than ever, it is critical that R&D-driven organizations such as Bayer continue investing in science and the future of food, health, and nutrition.


At Bayer, this means building a robust pipeline of new technologies as well as defending the continued access to existing tools American farmers and farmers around the world rely on. After all, we know our grower-customers share our vision of ‘Health for all, Hunger for none.’ Helping them turn this vision into reality is what we do every day.


To our nation’s farmers: Thank you for your hard work.


We wish you a productive and safe season.


Lisa Safarian

Lisa M. Safarian
President, Crop Science North America



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