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Bayer ForwardFarming is marking the official launch of the fifth ForwardFarm on March 28 in the famous area of DOC Valpolicella, Italy and invites the Bayer ForwardFarming community to experience and discuss sustainable agricultural practices.

March 28, 2017

Bayer ForwardFarming is celebrating the inauguration of the fifth ForwardFarm in the famous area of DOC Valpolicella, Italy.
The ForwardFarming community is invited to experience and discuss sustainable agriculture in practice.

Crop Compendium

Crop Compendium

The Reference Tool for Major Crops, Pests and Diseases

Our Crop Compendium contains wide-ranging information on major crops - such as areas under cultivation and production volumes - and their natural enemies.
You can either search directly for particular pests, diseases or weeds, or you can select the particular crop you are interested in.

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The Farming’s Future App is available for Apple iPad and iPhones as well as for Android tablets.
The app features interactive animations, info graphics, video excursions and photo galleries.