Why seeds and traits matter to us

Good seed is the foundation of a great harvest. Every farmer knows that, and we’re determined to supply the very best. That often means creating hybrid seeds, which involves crossing different species to improve their best features.
Why seeds matter to us
Scientists call the effect heterosis (hybrid vigor), while for farmers, it means higher yields, hardier plants and a better-quality harvest. For example, rice, oilseed rape, corn and cotton farmers have seen their balance sheet transformed by the improvements. It’s no surprise that, in China, more than 50 per cent of the rice crop is hybrid, and in the US, over 90 per cent of corn.

The world’s farmers also need open-pollinated seeds– and we supply these too, making sure  they are high quality and well adapted to their environment.

What makes our seed stand out

We can build on a global network of innovation centers, breeding and trait development stations to develop new varieties tailored to the local needs of farmers worldwide.
We can build on a global network of innovation centers, breeding and trait development stations to develop new varieties tailored to the local needs of farmers worldwide.
We know our seed needs to meet the rigors of a tough environment and growing demands for healthier, high-quality food. To make sure it lives up to the task, we support a global network of great talent – plant breeders and plant scientists – and give them the best tools to work with. The result is outstanding canola/oilseed rape, cotton, rice, soybeans, wheat and vegetables.

We also develop new characteristics (known as traits) for plants. These help farmers get more from their harvests and leave a smaller foot print on our planet.

What makes Nunhems™ stand out

Manual pollination takes a steady hand. Here a cucumber blossom is being fertilized.
Manual pollination takes a steady hand. Here a cucumber blossom is being fertilized.
Knowing seed quality can make or break a crop, we market some of the best in the world under our Nunhems™ brand, one of the world’s four leading vegetable seed suppliers. Behind these great products is our breeders’ drive to give farmers and shoppers the yields, quality, look and taste they want.

Based in the Netherlands, Bayer vegetable seeds offer farmers over 2500 commercial seed varieties under the Nunhems™ brand, including leeks, onions, carrots, melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, lettuce and bell peppers. We also run 26 research and development stations in 14 countries, where our breeders work closely with nature to improve varieties.

What makes InVigor™ stand out

What makes InVigor™ stand out
Our hybrid oilseed rape InVigor™ is a great answer for a world demanding more, better oil.  Recently, rapeseed oil has sparked major interest from shoppers looking for more nutritious cooking oils and salad dressings. Our role is to work with farmers and retailers to keep supplies flowing from farm to shelf.

Meanwhile, global use of biodiesel, which also comes from oilseed rape, rose by more than 50 per cent between 2002 and 2007. This leap has spurred us to make the area a big focus, and grow into promising new territories like Europe, India and Australia. Across all regions, our goal is to equip farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to get the most from this huge opportunity.

InVigor™  is a vital tool for farmers – producing consistently vigorous and higher-yielding plants. And it’s been dramatically improving harvests for over 10 years, so is a fully known and trusted ally on the farm. 

In the US, InVigor™ Health delivers cooking oils with lower transfats, helping relieve a big health worry for consumers there.

What makesFiberMax™ stand out

What makesFiberMax™ stand out
The world needs millions of tons of cotton each year. Jeans alone use 1.52 million tons. Then there’s shirts, jackets, socks, blankets, sheets – even bank notes.

With FiberMax™, farmers  get a seed blueprinted to yield cotton fiber of exceptional  quality, length and strength. The textile industry knows it too, and sets great store on FiberMax™ cotton.

What makes Arize™ stand out

Global population and global demand for rice are both on the rise. We need solutions that produce more rice to nourish large populations. Food security around the world will benefit from an adaptive solution that keeps creating better lives and better livelihoods. We require innovation that can sustainably boost rice yields, feed farmers’ families, create prosperity for the community, and secure self-sufficiency for countries.
Bayer is the global leader in developing rice hybrids which are adapted to various agro-climatic conditions. Our breeders strive to develop hybrids with increased yield that can fit our customers’ needs. We use conventional breeding as well as molecular breeding to discover new traits against biotic and abiotic stresses, and incorporate these into superior agronomic germplasm via backcrossing and forward breeding. Bayer CropScience strives to make this technology available to the rural farmers through extensive demonstrations and outreach activities thereby contributing to improving lives of millions of small holder farmers in south and south east Asia. Each year new hybrids are extensively tested in south and southeast Asia, and only the best are selected for commercial use in Asia and Africa.
Arize Hybrid Rice – Better Rice, Better Life

What makes Credenz™ stand out

Credenz is Bayer’s global soybean seed brand offering growers a new level of choice and performance. Delivering a wide range of varieties and traits, Credenz builds on our substantial technology platform, integrating smart genetics, traits and varieties to maximize yield performance under a wide variety of growing conditions.

And this is only the beginning. We bring years of innovation in seeds and traits to soybeans, developing advancements like multiple herbicide traits, insect resistance and nematode control. We are working to deliver more top choices for soybean growers within the coming years.

Other members of the cotton product family include:


Stoneville™ cotton varieties trademarked for tradition  yield plants that grow vigorously, laying an ideal foundation for larger harvests and higher profits. Stoneville quality cotton fibers are ultimately woven into hard-wearing, long-lasting, versatile fabrics.


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