Why seed treatment matters to us

Planting time is critical on any farm. How many of those tiny seeds will turn out as flourishing plants? For farmers, who’ve invested money and time in planting them, it’s vitally important they grow up strong and healthy.
Why seed treatment matter to us
Knowing this, we’ve developed a seed treatment system that gives seeds the best possible start in life. By putting active substances on the seed before it’s planted, we can drastically boost its chances of reaching full, healthy maturity. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used some ingredients for exactly that purpose: we love the idea of such a long tradition of caring for seeds.

As a global leader in seed treatment, we’re really proud of our success in this area. Besides the active products we’ve taken big steps forward with our Peridiam coatings and new machinery for to treat seeds, so growers have high quality treated seed.

Our expertise also has a human face. The advisors in our SeedGrowth Service Center are always on hand to help out with relevant issues, especially application processes.

Protected by Gaucho™ - Earliest Protection

Protected by GauchoTM - Earliest Protection
Seed treatment
One of the big advantages of seed treatment is that a relatively small quantity of an active ingredient provides seedlings with comprehensive protection against many harmful fungi and insects. Compared with spray application, the treated area is considerably smaller.
Gaucho™ protects from seed to leaf and helps sugar beet, cereals, corn, cotton, oilseed rape, rice and vegetables stay strong and resistant through their most vulnerable early stages.

Seed  treated with Gaucho™ is the best way for better results and quality in many crops.

The insecticidal seed-treatment against soil pests and biting insects offer convincing arguments and promises for our customers. Gaucho™ is easy to use, has a long lasting efficacy for optimized quality and maximized crop growth.
Seed treatment
Protective sleeve
Harsh weather conditions also threaten young plants – which fight hard for survival as they put all their energy into growth. Gaucho™ protects them from all these attacks right from the start.

Other members of the Gaucho™ brand family include:

CropstarTM, ImprimoTM, PrestigeTM, SunatoTM

Protected by Poncho™ - Sow peace of mind

Protected by PonchoTM - Sow peace of mind
Any farmer will tell you how much damage the wireworm or corn root worm can cause in corn. That’s just one example: many other chewing and sucking insects threaten the essential crops that feed and clothe us, like cotton, cereals, soy, oilseeds, sugar beet and vegetables.

With Poncho™ our customers have a further improved insecticide at their disposal, which offers, due to its extended spectrum of activity, intelligent control and high protection against soil and early season attacks of chewing and sucking insects. Poncho™ can be combined easily with other products to provide more closely targeted protection. Additionally plants grown from Poncho-treated seeds show enhanced stress tolerance.

Other members of the Gaucho Poncho™ brand family include:

PonchoTM Beta, EladoTM,  ModestoTM, SeprestoTM 

These products are formulated specifically for individual crops.
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