Why insecticides matter to us

We’re proud that our products help in the struggle to feed an expanding global population. Controlling pests is one way farmers can increase the amount of their produce which makes it to market. It’s a practice with a long and honorable tradition; Homer describes the use of sulfur to protect plants against insects, and Marco Polo reports that the Chinese used arsenic for the same purpose.
Why herbicides matter to us
Today we know that decimated fields are not necessarily the biggest problem. Many insects also transmit plant diseases, usually viral or fungal. Others attack food stores, causing damage after crops have already been harvested.

But not all insects are harmful to humans. Many, such as the ichneumon wasp or ladybird beetle, are considered to be beneficial because they feed on pests.

We have to protect the insects that help us while getting rid of the ones that don’t. This is why we at Bayer only develop insecticides that are safe when used responsibly and correctly, and which do not present a hazard to human beings or the environment. We also market biological insecticides with microorganism-based insecticidal action in many countries.

Today, biological insecticides are part of crop protection practices worldwide. They give farmers a new effective option, allowing them to vary their pest control measures and prevent the potential development of resistance. These products comply with the tenets of integrated pest management. They can be applied multiple times and even shortly before the harvest. As such, biologicals are an important tool in sustainable agriculture.

Protected by Sivanto™ – An innovative tool for sucking pest control

Growers need day-to-day management tools which make farming more successful and convenient. Efficient control of devastating sucking pests makes crop management easy and leads to superior profitability of produce. 

Sivanto™ is a novel insecticide for the control of major sucking pests like aphids, whiteflies, and other key insects including larval and adult live stages. Sivanto™ has a high safety standard and is non-hazardous to bumble bees and honey bees. This new systemic insecticide is based on the active ingredient flupyradifurone which belongs to Bayer´s own chemical class of butenolides.

The fast activity of Sivanto™ ensures quick feeding cessation and effective control of insects acting as virus vectors. It provides high flexibility, being applicable as a foliar spray, drench or drip irrigation via the soil, and can also be used for seed treatment. It is also highly flexible in application timing even for treatments during flowering, providing crop safety at all crop stages. Due to its selectivity to beneficials in fruit and outdoor grown vegetable crops, Sivanto™ can be used in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. It is a resistance management tool for sustainable sucking pest control.

Protected by Confidor™ - Quality without compromise

Protected by Confidor™ - Quality without compromise
Potato farmers dread the signs of the virus Y. Noticeable ringspots on the skin and sunken flesh indicate that the virus has struck, and infected potatoes can no longer be used as seed potatoes.  Farmers can prevent infection by controlling the aphids which carry the virus - for example, by using Confidor™.

Confidor™ is the best-in-class insecticide for combating biting and sucking insect pests in more than 150 crops including vegetables, fruit, soybeans, cotton, potatoes and rice. Treatment with Confidor™ strengthens the plants so that they cope effectively with environmental stresses such as drought, lack of oxygen, ozone or salinization. This is what we call the 'Stress shield' effect. And the low dose rates and innovative chemistry of Confidor™ make it one of the safest insecticides available.

Other members of the Confidor™ brand family include:

Admire™, Connect™, Provado™

Protected by Belt™ - Maximum power for your crop, unleash the power!

Protected by Belt™ - Maximum power for your crop, unleash the power!
Over a quarter of a billion US dollars - that's how much the appetite of cotton bollworm caterpillars costs farmers in the United States every year. They can strip entire fields bare in just a short time, destroying fruits and vegetables, tea and cotton plants.

Cotton farmers need to control such Lepidoptera. Belt™ is our insecticide that gives farmers maximum power against these voracious pests across the maximum number of crops. It controls them in an unusual way: the active  ingredient in Belt™ docks onto a molecule involved in contracting the muscles. The insects are paralyzed and soon die.

Belt™ sets new standards in Lepidoptera control. The plants that previously suffered from their activity are now able to flourish - a total of 170 crop plants, including vegetables,  cotton, rice, soybean, fruits and broad acre crops.

Other members of the Belt™ brand family

Fame™, Fenos™

Protected by Movento™ - Putting an end to hide and seek. The 2-way systemic pest control

Protected by Movento™ - Putting an end to hide and seek. The 2-way systemic pest control
Sucking insect pests are cunning and hard to find. They don't just sit in one place, but hide cleverly all over grapes, citrus fruits and vegetables and so elude some insecticides.

But Movento™ can track them down. It's a revolutionary insecticide which moves both upward and downward within plant tissue to find and control hidden pests wherever they live and feed. 

Movento™ offers broad-spectrum control of many sucking pests and it's an important addition to pest management programs in grapes, citrus, vegetables, tree fruits and potatoes.

And many beneficial insects are unaffected by Movento™, which means they can join with the farmer in controlling the insects which harm crops.

Other members of the Movento™ brand family

Movento™ Energy, Movento™ Smart

Requiem™ – triple action against insects


Requiem™ is a biochemical product based on the extracts of the Chenopodium ambrosioides plant which is highly effective for the control of sucking insect pests. These constituents have three different mechanisms of action which make life difficult for insects.

First, Requiem™ breaks down the insects' exoskeletons. Secondly, it inhibits their respiration, causing them to suffocate. Thirdly, it prevents pests from being able to localize their sources of food. Crops therefore no longer fall victim to their hunger.  But this triple action not only potentiates the product's effects; it also prevents resistance from developing.

Requiem™ is effective against whiteflies, aphids, mites, thrips and other sucking pests, leaf hoppers, leaf miners and psyllids in high-value fruits and vegetables.

BioAct™ – beneficial fungi against nematodes

BioAct™ is based on a strain of the filamentous fungus Paecilomy-ces lilacinus (PL 251), the parasitic spores of which preferentially colonize roundworms (nematodes).  Beneficial (entomopathogenic) nematodes are not affected. Bayer takes advantage of this preference to combat nematodes in the soil that threaten crops in some regions. BioAct™ is a nematicide that also takes effect while the roundworms are still in the egg stage.

BioAct™ can be used in fruit, vegetables, vines, citrus fruits and nuts as a stand-alone product or in an integrated pest management program.
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