Why herbicides matter to us

We care about developing effective herbicides because farmers have a tough time without them. For example, we know how hard Ukrainian corn farmers have to fight against the weeds which threaten their crop. Without the right herbicide protection, they’d end up with short, weak plants: a poor basis for a harvest.
Why herbicides matter to us
Weeds can cost farmers a fortune, making harvesting difficult and reducing yields.  A study, commissioned by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) surprised even experts. It showed that, each year, weeds cause losses of around 67 billion euros. The figure is hard to grasp – but if you used it to buy 250-gram packs of butter and lined them up end to end, they’d go round the world 135 times. To avoid crippling losses on their farm, most farmers welcome the idea of responsible herbicide use.

For sure Basta™ – Simply safe

For sure Basta™ – Simply safe
Basta™ is a cost-effective option that controls difficult-to-manage weeds while providing unsurpassed crop safety. Basta™ uses a unique mode of action compared to other commonly used herbicides, making it ideally suited for weed resistance management programs and provides the means to rotate nonselective modes of action.

Entire harvests can be saved, as well as the woodland and non-agricultural land that weeds harm.

Basta™ works on virtually all major weeds.

Other members of the Basta™ brand family include:

Finale™, Rely™, Liberty™

Adengo™ – The convenience herbicide - 'Easy as a zip'

Adengo™ – The convenience herbicide - 'Easy as a zip'
Adengo™ is a residual and foliar herbicide family that combats annual grasses and broad leaved weeds in corn. Once they’ve broken through the soil, corn seedlings face fierce competition from weeds greedy for their water, light and nutrients. Without help they don’t stand a chance, which can mean severe income losses for farmers.

Adengo™ keeps this prospect at bay, protecting corn plants from more than 80 different broadleaf and grassy weeds. Even better: one treatment with this handy, low-volume herbicide is usually enough to keep fields weed-free.

The power of Adengo™ lies in the way it combines different substances. One takes away the weeds' protection from the sun, so they become bleached and die. Another blocks an enzyme responsible for producing several vital protein building blocks. This unique product is also reliable and flexible to use.

Other members of the Adengo™ brand family include:

Corvus™, Corvus™, Carpreno™


Alion™ – Longer-lasting weed control

Weeds are often one of the biggest problems encountered by farmers. Their challenge is to control all weeds in a reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly way.
Alion™ is a new high-performance broad spectrum, soil active herbicide for use in established permanent crops such as citrus, grapes, fruit trees, tree nuts, industrial plantations and perennial sugar cane. Bayer´s new compound controls a broad spectrum of weeds, including species which are difficult to eliminate such as annual bluegrass, goosegrass, ryegrass and goosefoot. 
Alion™ has an outstanding mode of action and thus provides excellent longer-lasting, broad cross-spectrum and resistance-breaking weed control.
Field trials show that Alion™, applied alone or in combination with other herbicides, can control ACCase-, ALS-, triazine- and glyphosate-resistant weed species. Another advantage for the operator is the low application rate. Because of the long-lasting action and the broad spectrum of activity, the number of applications can be reduced. Length of control has been equal to longer than all other registered products tested at the manufacturer’s recommended use rates.

Other members of the Alion™ brand family

Alion™ Pro, Becano™, Merlin™ Total, Provence™ Total
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Facts about Glufosinate-ammonium

GA is a herbicide ensuring a high degree of crop safety by affecting only the part of a plant where it is applied.

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