Why fungicides matter to us

Bacteria, viruses and fungi may be part of nature, but that doesn’t make them welcome. They can make us sick – and what’s true for people is true for plants too. Our fungicides protect plants from disease so they can deliver the best possible yields for farmers.
Why fungicides matter to us
Leave a crop untreated, and you’ll see losses straight away. A global study showed that if farmers stopped using fungicides they’d need around ten per cent more land to achieve the same yields of wheat, rye, barley, oilseed rape, sugar beet and potatoes.

But where’s that land going to come from? All over the world, land is getting scarce. Farmers can’t just buy up a few extra acres to make up for lost yields. In today’s world, there’s no getting round it: most farmers need fungicides. 

These are the products that we have developed hand-in-hand with farmers to increase yields. (Incidentally: we also market biological fungicides whose antifungal action is based on selected microorganisms in many countries.)

Today, biological fungicides are part of crop protection practices worldwide. They give farmers a new effective option, allowing them to vary their pest control measures and prevent the potential development of resistance. These products comply with the tenets of integrated pest management. They can be applied multiple times and even shortly before the harvest. As such, biologicals are an important tool in sustainable agriculture.

Nativo™ - Expect more with the value-added fungicide

Nativo™ - Expect more with the value-added fungicide
‘Soybean rust appears in the USA.’ In 2004, this brief headline threw the global soybean market into turmoil. Soybean rust is a fungus that within just a week turns healthy green plants into rusty-red, burnt-looking stalks. And this is a threat that can appear anywhere in the world.  

Nativo™ is how we fight back. Nativo™ is our blockbuster brand family which helps farmers control soybean rust and many other fungal diseases – not only in soybeans but in close to 100 different crop plants. Nativo™ is a highly effective all-in-one solution for farmers who prefer the convenience of a broad-spectrum fungicide. Crops pretreated with Nativo™ have increased plant health effects like stress tolerance to drought, heat and frost as well as yield increase, more uniform ripening and improved harvestability.

Other members of the Nativo™ brand family include:

Flint™, Fox™, Sphere™ Max, Stratego™ YLD

Prosaro™ - That makes a difference

Prosaro™ - That makes a difference
Cereal farmers know all about the losses caused by fungal diseases such as fusarium, septoria and rust – to name just a few. Prosaro™ is a foliar fungicide which helps farmers fighting to keep their crops safe from fungal disease to increase their harvest in quantity and quality.

Prosaro™ deals effectively with cereal leaf diseases and reduces levels of mycotoxins, providing all-around control and curative activity which adds value beyond the yield.

Other members of the Prosaro™ brand family include:

Proline™, Input™, Kestrel™

Xpro™ technology – The clever technology behind Bayer’s new cereal fungicides.

Xpro™ technology
Cereal farmers fear a particular mix of colors on the leaves of their crops: a lot of yellow and brown, here and there a bit of green. The yellowish-brown discoloration is a sign of fungal infection, and could be the effect of leaf blotch (septoria tritici), which severely weakens plants and reduces yields.

Xpro™ is a foliar fungicide with exactly the right combination and ratio of active ingredients to control septoria tritici in cereals. It’s a unique combination of two best-in-class greening fungicides with an impressive leafshield formulation system. Xpro™ technology doesn’t just ensure clean crops for longer, it stimulates crops to work harder and build more yield.

Other members of the Xpro™ brand family include:

Aviator Xpro™, Skyway Xpro™, Boogie Xpro™, Siltra Xpro™, Variano Xpro™.

Luna – protecting fresh produce to reduce post-harvest losses

A wide range of plant diseases jeopardizes the quality of apples, grapes, peaches, berries, onions, and cucumbers, impacting the business of fruit and vegetable growers, international trading companies and fresh produce retailers.

Luna combats many of these diseases, among them powdery mildew, botrytis, sclerotinia, and monilinia – to name but a few. But the broad spectrum fungicide offers more than efficient control of important problem diseases. Luna improves the quality of the produce, increases the yield and has remarkable additional effects, such as enhancing the storability of the harvested produce, extending its shelf-life, and reducing post-harvest losses. Luna helps growers to meet food chain needs and increases the marketability of their crops. And last but not least: The consumer benefits from a large variety of high quality fresh produce.

Serenade™ – peptides for fungal diseases

Serenade™ is based on the bacterial strain Bacillus subtilis QST 713. The Serenade™ product attacks fungal cells and certain bacterial infection pathogens. The effect it has on the pests is far from gentle: the bacteria's lipopeptides punch holes in the cell membranes, causing the cells to collapse and killing the pathogen. Additionally, Serenade™ makes plants more robust, promotes their growth and thus also increases yields. In the soil, the beneficial bacteria in Serenade™, provided at optimized levels, colonize the roots of the plant, providing a “living” barrier of protection as the plant grows, thus continually protecting it against soil diseases whilst promoting growth.

Serenade™ is effective against fire blight, botrytis, sour rot, rust, sclerotinia, powdery mildew, bacterial spot and white mold as well as soil diseases such as Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium and Phytophthora.

Serenade™ can be used in, for example, fruit, vegetables, oilseed rape and legumes.

Members of the Serenade™ brand family include:
Serenade™ MAX, Serenade™ ASO, Serenade™ Soil, Serenade™ Optimum

Sonata™ – preventive control of mildew and rust diseases


Sonata™ fungicide is based on a patented strain of the beneficial bacterial species Bacillus pumilus QST 2808 which has been shown to control plant pathogens and induce resistance in plants. Its unique mode of action targeting the fungal cell wall has been tested in many efficacy field trials. The result: in high value fruits and vegetables, Sonata™ provided excellent management of powdery and downy mildew as well as rust diseases. Bayer offers Sonata™ as part of integrated spray plans together with chemicals because this biological can also help increase yield and quality of the harvested product.

Sonata™ can be used in a wide range of specialty fruit and vegetable crops such as artichokes, brassicas, cucurbits and grapes, as well as row crops.

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