Wheat swaying gently in the breeze, fields of brilliant yellow oilseed rape and plump, juicy tomatoes - healthy plants and produce are visible proof to farmers of a job well done. And we help them with our knowledge, experience and products.

Key Crops

Key Crops

We’re committed to food security with a focus on innovative crop solutions as well as seeds and traits to secure harvests and to increase productivity.

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» Soy
» Wheat
» Sugar beets
» Sugar cane


Our brands guarantee high quality and high yields, providing reliable support for farmers. Because farmers are always facing new challenges, we're right by their side with high yielding seeds and innovative crop protection products.

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Our research activities push the boundaries of what science can do. And the passion we bring to them comes from a very urgent concern: to make sure everyone gets enough to eat. » more


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A greener revolution in agriculture

Five-point-plan for a New Revolution in Agriculture.

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