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Young, sustainable and growing strong

Siblings Jeremy Jack and Stacie Koger run the Mississippi farm their parents founded over 30 years ago. Their forward-thinking approach has made the Silent Shade Planting Company a model of sustainable agriculture across all borders.
Their parents came in search of greener pastures and found a haven at the Silent Shade Plantation in Belzoni. Today, Jeremy Jack and his sister, Stacie Koger, run the family farm in the heart of the fertile Mississippi Delta. “I think we’re fortunate that our parents pushed us into the business at a young age,” says Jack. “I guess they figured that the younger you are, the more drive, ambition and ideas you have.” And the remarkable young brother and sister duo has each of those qualities in spades. “I want Silent Shade Planting Company to be the most advanced, most efficient, most sustainable farm around,” says Jack. To achieve that vision, they are using the three key resources they have in abundance: land, technology and people.
“Diversification is definitely a key strategy for us. It’s what keeps us in business!”

Stacie Koger

Getting the Most from the Land

The Mississippi Delta is blessed with rich, fertile topsoil that provides tremendous growing opportunity, and the pair has taken advantage of their location to virtually triple their plantings in five years to nearly 3,400 hectares. They have diversified across corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat and rice to try and simultaneously meet market demands, maximize profitability and manage risk. “Diversification is definitely a key strategy for us,” notes Koger. “It’s what keeps us in business!” But caring for the land and precious resources like water is also a major focus. The farm’s deep-seated sustainability commitment has drawn widespread acclaim across the region and nation, even winning Jeremy the 2013 Bayer CropScience Young Farmer Sustainability Award.

“Sustainability is and has always been a core part of our family and business values,” says Jack. For this, Silent Shade incorporates the latest technology to get the most out of every hectar with the least amount of ecological impact. Starting with variety and trait decisions, their sustainability strategy includes variable rate seeding and nutrition, variable rate spray applications via a specially designed airplane and a host of precision agricultural tools, such as digital water meters and other analytics. The farm also employs innovative irrigation systems to capture, protect and recycle water. “Water is the resource that we all need to live off of,” says Jack. The siblings operate a 340 hectar demonstration farm designed to reclaim water and reduce runoff from irrigation and storm water. Ultimately, the goal is a fully “closed” irrigation system, which will reduce groundwater withdrawals and improve and increase wildlife and aquatic habitats in the surrounding area.
“Water is the resource that we all need to live off of.”

Jeremy Jack

Cultivating a Great Team

Land and technology aside, both brother and sister agree that having the right people involved in the business has also added to their success. The company recruits actively, looking within the region, across the industry, and even outside the country. “We’ve got a great team who shares our love of what we’re doing,” says Koger. Expecting their partners and suppliers to share their vision, the siblings also look to trusted advisors like Bayer’s Ned Darbonne. “I’ve known Ned all my life – he’s a great source of information and an extension of our staff, who really understands what we’re trying to do. I can call him anytime and I know he’ll be there to help,” says Jack. “Now that I’m deeper into the industry, the potential for what we want to do is unlimited.” With such young, creative talent emerging in Belzoni and all over the world, there’s no doubt that the future of agriculture is in good hands.

Young Farmer Sustainability Award

The Bayer CropScience Young Farmer Sustainability Award recognizes young American agricultural producers who demonstrate excellence in business and environmental sustainability.

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Jeremy Jack and Stacie Kogerzoomen...
Jeremy Jackzoomen...
At Silent Shade, Stacie Koger and Jeremy Jack focus on modern methods – from agronomic planning to sustainable irrigation.
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Jeremy Jack – Young Farmers Sustainability Award Winner 2013
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