Crop protection: Reinventing what it takes to keep harvests secure

As every farmer knows too well, crops face fierce competition as they grow. Weeds fight for space and insects for their share; heat and drought add stress in the field. Meanwhile, just one outbreak of disease can destroy an entire harvest – with distressing results for farmers and their families. With so much at stake, our mission is to help every inch of their fields thrive and stay healthy.

Progress – but not yet for all

There’s no doubt that global agriculture has made huge progress. Visit the produce department of any large supermarket, and you’ll find abundant, high-quality fruits and vegetables, regardless of season or weather. But there’s still so much to do. Millions of people can only dream of this abundance as they struggle with dusty soils and adverse climates. Here’s where we come in. Our crop protection products can help farmers struggling with the harshest of environments. We know how hard these farmers work to extract value from their land. We also know that many don’t have a financial safety net to rely on if the harvest fails. For them, our crop protection products provide some peace of mind in extremely precarious circumstances.


For generations, farmers have turned to us to keep bugs at bay. Our depth of expertise now puts us among the world’s leading insecticide companies. Our products work in a number of ways: Confidor® provides a stress shield; Belt® acts with power and speed; and Movento® – just recognized by the Agrow Award for “Most Innovative Chemistry” – protects in a two-way systemic mode, helping to prevent resistance.


Bayer ranks second in the global fungicides market. With Nativo®, Prosaro® and Xpro® as top brands, our fungicides protect crops from field to shelf. Working both preventively and curatively, they shield plants against rust, blotch or mildew, enhance quality and increase yields. Our new horticulture fungicide Luna®, which has just won approval in the US, boosts quality, storability and shelf life. Further registrations in Europe and Canada are on their way.


When it comes to keeping weeds in check, Bayer CropScience is the global No.4. Products like Basta®, Liberty®, Adengo® or Corvus® are reliable, flexible in their timing and quickly biodegradable – just what farmers need. Innovative modes of action tackle glyphosate-resistance issues, while inbred herbicide tolerances in LibertyLink® crops such as cotton, soybean, canola and corn mean no harm will be done to the precious crop itself.


Seed treatment
To end up with plants full of vitality and strength, farmers need to protect their seeds from day one. They come to us for seed growth solutions that really work, giving them long-lasting protection at reduced dosages. Our Gaucho® and Poncho® solutions also act as a stress shield, promoting greening and vigor. Beyond molecules, Bayer supports farmers with film coating and pelleting technologies as well as state-of-the-art application equipment.

Breakthroughs on the way

But all kinds of farmers, however secure their business, find extra reassurance in our reliable and advanced portfolio of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and seed growth products. And, sharing farmers’ drive to protect their harvests, our scientists are always digging for new breakthroughs to offer them.

It’s an exciting time. We’re reinventing the business of growing crops from the ground up. Combining biology and chemistry, working with farmers every step of the way, proving that advanced agriculture can sustain and feed the planet…it’s all in a day’s work at Bayer CropScience.

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