Food Chain Partnership

We bring farmers, food producers, traders and food retailers together in our Food Chain Partnership projects. It is our approach to contribute to food quality and safety.
Food Chain Partnership

José Uribe Estrada (right) grows broccoli in Valle de Santiago, Mexico. He participates in one of our numerous Food Chain Partnership projects and reaps the benefits: ‘The training we receive from the experts at Bayer helps us to work cost-effectively and produce the right quality.’

Our Food Chain Partnership initiative expresses our belief that together with our partners in the food chain we can build trustful relationships that benefit everyone.

What is Food Chain Partnership?

Food Chain Partnership
Food Chain Partnership is an innovative business model where farmers, food exporters and importers, processors and retailers work together on optimized crop solutions according to sustainable agricultural principles for the benefit of all partners involved. These benefits differ according to the key interests of our partners and range from enhancing product quality and increasing agricultural yields up to expanding marketing opportunities and improving traceability. However, the overall and common goal is the sustainable production of abundant and nutritious food. Currently, we run more than 240 projects in 30 countries worldwide focusing on 40 different crops, such as fruits, vegetable, wheat and rice.  In these collaborations, we offer our customers – according to their needs – a tailored crop solution consisting of high-quality seeds, effective crop protection, and expertise in environmental protection, efficiency and safety.

The role of Bayer

Food Chain Partnership
We are a global expert in the areas of seeds, innovative crop protection solutions and services providing targeted solutions from seed to shelf for our customers’ benefit. Our core competencies lie in developing and supplying locally adapted agricultural technologies and solutions focused on improving crop productivity, quality and health. As a facilitator, we bring together partners along the food value chain to produce the best quality and quantity of agricultural commodities as a basis for a healthy nutrition. With this we strive to create win-win situations supporting the food industry around the world and contribute to our Food Chain Partnership mission “Working together for Sustainable Agriculture”.

Our commitment to Sustainable Agriculture

Food Chain Partnership

At Bayer, sustainability is an integral part of our business strategies right across the value chain – in order to create value through innovation for our customers, the company and our employees across the world. One of our key objectives of our sustainability strategy is to balance economic growth with ecological and corporate social responsibility. We support the principles of sustainable agriculture in order to overcome challenges such as population growth, the growing demand for food, feed and renewable raw materials, limited natural resources and climate change. Thus, we are striving to help feed our hungry planet by increasing productivity of the world´s most important staple crops, such as rice and wheat. We focus on improving resource efficiency of agriculture (water, soil, agricultural inputs) and offer excellence in Product Stewardship and safe-use trainings of applicators to mitigate potential impact on people and the environment.


Food Chain Partnership at Bayer
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